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Total Apps Tracked (11)

This is the total number of apps presently tracked by the Emory IT Architecture Web App processes and includes apps bound for internal and public use as well as apps in the concept stage and recently retired apps.

Internal Web Apps in Concept, Cost Estimation, Design, or Development (3)

  1. Virtual Private Cloud Provisioning Web Application (completed prototype, implementing in Fall 2017 for Emory AWS Research Service)
  2. HIPAA Audit Logging Service Viewer a.k.a. HALS Viewer (completed prototype in 2015, waiting prioritization or funding for the implementation)
  3. OpenEAI Toolkit Console 5.0 (completed cost estimation with one vendor, waiting on prioritization and funding for implementation)

Public Web Apps in Concept, Cost Estimation, Design, or Development (0)

None at this time

Externally Developed Web Apps in Emory Development Program On-Boarding (1)

  1. Emory Ortho Waits & Delays

Public Web Apps (3)

  1. WebEase for Epilepsy
  2. Massive Transfusion Protocal a.k.a. MTP
  3. WSDL Proxy

Internal Web Apps (4)

  1. OpenEAI Toolkit Console
  2. Emory Web Service Registry
  3. Java Message Service Send Application a.k.a. JMS Send
  4. RAPID (Initially developed by IT Architecture and the group that preceeded UIT, support for this Emory GWT app passed to UIT)

Retired Apps (0)

None at this time

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