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Service Description

The Emory Mobile App Catalogue is a type of internal, enterprise app store for Emory users. Among the many purposes of such an app catalog are to:

  1. Present both mobile apps that Emory develops and mobile apps Emory uses to Emory people in one, organized place
  2. Automate the complex signing and distribution process for mobile apps
  3. Allow any authorized Emory person to distribute mobile apps to Emory people quickly and efficiently
  4. Support distribution and feedback on applications during development and beta testing cycles
  5. Restrict access to specific collaboration groups or distribute to all Emory people
  6. "Hybridize" mobile web apps to work and appear more like native apps
  7. Curate categories of mobile apps that are of particular interest to groups of Emory people
  8. Serve as a mobile application inventory for policy makers, marketing, and other groups that need to know about current and pending Emory mobile in development or in use by Emory

Instructions for Installation

To install the App Catalog, open or inside your iOS (iphone or ipad) or android devices and follow through the install process.

For iOS devices (iOS 9), you may need to go to 

        Settings → General -> Device Management  and trust developer certificates (For detail please read the Guidelines on

For android devices, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Set the security first by go to Settings=>Security=>check Unknown SourcesThis will allow you to download apps from other sources other than the Google Play Store.
  2. From your android phone and click the above link, it should ask to download a file to your device.  (or download the file here Emory_AppCatalog.apk)
  3. Then you will need to navigate to your Downloads on your device where you will see the App Catalog.apk.  You can then click on the .apk and it will bring you through the install process.

Logging In

After successful install, click on the newly installed App Catalog icon,  login to the app catalog through emory login with emory netid/password.


Here are what it looks like once you login to the App Catalog.


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