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Application Information

Application Name: INFORMED

Emory Application Owner: Laura Plantinga (LPLANTI)

Emory Application Technical Contact: Laura Plantinga (LPLANTI)

Application Support Model: Consultants who developed the app or other consultants

Application Administration Model: Consultants who developed the app or other consultants

Application Description:  The Instant Functional Outcomes Report for Meaningful Encounters in Dialysis (INFORMED) app takes user-entered information on physical functioning and returns an individualized report for both patient and dialysis provider.

Application Marketplace ID/Link:

ServiceNow RequestDistribution Status & DateInternal Review Status & DateePHI IndicatorTarget User Base
 REQ55182requested 2017.08.17  reviews completed 2017.10.25yes pilot study personnel


Current Issues

-This application is a joint venture between Emory (where the study will be deployed) and Georgia Tech (where it is being developed).  As such, OTT has been consulted to ensure that Emory owns the intellectual property and may internally distribute the app.  GTRC has been consulted and provided input on disclaimer language.

-This application will only be downloaded onto pilot study personnel's devices.

-This application is still under development.

Issue Log


Reapproval Conditions


Internal Review Status: complete

Internal Distribution Request DateOffice of Tech Transfer ReviewCompliance & Regulatory ReviewIT Security ReviewIRB Approval for Distribution
2017.08.17 complete (disclaimer instructions provided per Raj Guddneppanavar/GTRC 2017.10.25) deferring to IRB (per David Giannantonio 2017.08.30)complete (per Elliot Kendall 2017.10.09)


Upload collateral as it is collected.

Approval Artifacts

Approval artifacts may be located here:

  1. Compliance and Regulatory Review.
  2. IT Security Review.
  3. Distribution Review Checklist.
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