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Total Apps Tracked (3)

Note: The mobile apps tracked here are neither owned nor distributed by Emory.  As a large university and a healthcare network, Emory empowers principal investigators and clinicians to participate in research and other initiatives aligned with its mission to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity.  To that end, not all apps that employ Emory data or personnel are distributed through Emory's app channels.  However, apps that access Emory data or provide data to Emory researchers, like apps that Emory owns and distributes, must go through a review and approval process prior to their release.

In Concept, Design, or Development (0)

Note: Not all apps in concept, design, or development are known by Emory IT.  Some apps only come to the attention of central IT as part of the review and distribution process or through Emory's Institutional Research Board.

Under Review for Distribution through Non-Emory Channels (2)

  1. myNursebot (Amazon Alexa Skill)
  2. DIASYST (Apple App Store & Google Play)

Reviewed and Approved for Distribution through Non-Emory Channels (1)

  1. VALUE Study (Apple App Store)

Retired Apps (0)

Note: Many apps that incorporate Emory data are used in conjunction with a research study, and therefore have a lifespan limited to that of data-gathering phase of the study itself.  The apps below have been retired from app stores.

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