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"When you see repetitive jobs, these are the things that computers love to do."  Mr. John Ranelli - UAB cis Instructor

"Computer programming is joy.  If it is not for you, something is wrong."  unknown programmer

Linux commands

  • "ls -lrt",  check which files has latest timestamp.  useful to check log files for example
    • Or just see the latest X files: "ls -latr|tail -15". to see the latest 15 files
  • grep -r "yourString to Search" myDir/myFolder, search recursively for files which has "yourString to Search"
  • du -hsP *   disk usage of each file in the current directory
  • rm -rf `find .  -type d -name .svn`  remove recursively .svn folders from the current directory
  • find . -name myFile*  find myFile* in the current dir and all children

Mac OS

  • commandHere (open a terminal from the current folder) for Mac 
  • open terminal slow?  see or just delete log files will speed it up by 'sudo rm /private/var/log/asl/*.asl'
  • tortoisesvn for mac  (to resolve certificate issues: at commandline, '/usr/local/bin/svn list ...'->'(R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently? p'.  If still has issues, check the certificate file and make sure it is writable by the user)
  • tortoisesvn: we can still use tortoisesvn by "sharing folders" between window and mac (for 1.6.12 version, need to check network drive to show overlayIcon.  tortoisesnv 1.7 is Not compatible with 1.6)
  • how to switch off "mac OS-X automatic update" see
  • delete a file in finder:  select the file and cmd+delete
  • subversion 1.7 client is good. See how to install at How to Install Subversion 1.7 client and Subclipse for Mac
  • too slow because of too hot: new OS version has a kernel process to slow you down when your computer get too hot.  Solution: run an outside fan or use fewer or smaller monitors.

Mac and VMWare

Window in VMWare

Moa, Build and Packaging


Short cut to use the scripts (newobject, rmsvn...)
  1. check out from subversion
  2. add the folder to your path
  3. source your path: . .bash_profile

Scripts Explanation

Directory to executeCommand UsageDescription
newobject <fromObject> <toObject>
creating a new Moa object (xml and dtd) from an existing one
finds <searchStr>
In the current directory, find all the files which has the <searchStr> in their text
findf <searchStr>
In the current directory, find all the files which has the <searchStr> in their file name
replaces <searchStr> <replaceStr>
for all the files in the current directory, find all the <searchStr> and replace with the  <replaceStr>
	eg: replaces "America\/New_York" "GMT\+6"
recursively remove all subversion related files under the current directory tree (.svn folders)
validatevalidate all sample xmls files in the current category
 scommitsvn commit all the changes regardless you provide comments or not
 saddingsvn add all new files (which has ? status) in the folder tree
 sdeletingsvn rm all missing files (which has ! status) in the folder tree
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