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  • Proposal to Use TestFlight for Mobile App Review
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The MARDT wants to change the app review policy to streamline and simplify the process of make apps available for review. This task is currently handled by the Apperian App Catalog and our current policy mandates its use. We want to change the process and policy to allow for staging of iOS apps in Apple's TestFlight instead of the Apperian App Catalog.


  • Devs are already uploading Emory ADP signed apps to the App Store. 
  • Some apps are resistant to efforts to resign them with Apple Enterprise Developer credentials and upload into the catalog.
  • Some apps do not work after they are resigned with Apple Enterprise Developer credentials and uploaded into the catalog and installed from the catalog.
  • An app is already being distributed for review using TestFlight instead of App Catalog because of problems resigning and uploading them to, or downloading from the catalog and installing and running the app.
  • Because of problems with app catalog distribution, devs may try to distribute the app using Diwali or similar solutions that are unsupported by Emory. We need to standardize on an alternative to App Catalog.
  • We used to use App Catalog as the warehouse for the app so that it could be downloaded, resigned and uploaded to the Emory Apple Developer account. Because of changes that Apperian made way over a year ago we lost that ability. Using Testflight solves that because the app is already in the marketplace and there is no longer a need to warehouse or resign it.
  • Using TestFlight means that the app is already in the marketplace and has already passed at least one Apple barrier so once the app is reviewed and approved is can be immediately submitted for review for publishing.
  • Having apps in both the App Catalog and in Apple's App Store creates additional work keeping the versions in sync when there are future updates. Alternatively, updates are sometimes applied in the public store, but not in the catalog, leaving outdated versions available to Emory users who look for the app there.

What is left for the App Catalog to do?

  • Codes
  • Review of Android apps (although there might be other alternatives)
  • Remaining internal apps: 
    • PMATT (Dev) (Emory App Catalog for Android)
    • Codes (Emory App Catalog for iOS & Android)
    • 3D Liver (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
    • MTP (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
    • Knowledge Builder App (limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)
    • Carlos Mobile (limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)
    • e-Vantage (QA limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS & Android)
    • Safety Reporting (DEV limited Emory - Emory App Catalog for iOS)
    • ComeClean (Emory App Catalog for iOS)
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