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Application Information

Application Name: Emory Mobile

Emory Application Owner: Robin Horton (RHORTON)

Emory Application Technical Contact: Robin Horton (RHORTON)

Application Support Model:

Application Administration Model: 

Application Description:  EmoryMobile is your one stop to find information that will help make your life as a student here easier. Access campus maps, transit routes, dining locations, news, events, and more.

Application Marketplace ID/Link: Apple App Store:

Google Play:

ServiceNow RequestDistribution Status & DateInternal Review Status & DateePHI IndicatorTarget User Base
REQ45179public (Apple App Store & Google Play) - last updated 2016.10.12 nopublic


Current Issues

Issue Log


Reapproval Conditions


Internal Review Status: complete or incomplete

Internal Distribution Request DateOffice of Technology Transfer SignoffLegal Counsel ReviewMarketing & Communications ReviewCompliance & Regulatory ReviewIT Security ReviewArchitecture Review
      complete (2010.07.14)


Upload collateral as it is collected.

Approval Artifacts

Upload approval artifacts as they are collected.  

  1. Completed IP Disclosure.
  2. Commercial Evaluation Report.
  3. Legal Counsel Review.
  4. Marketing and Communications Review.
  5. Compliance and Regulatory Review.
  6. IT Security Review.
  7. Architecture Review.
  8. App Store Submission Templates: Apple App Store & Google Play.
  9. Distribution Review Checklist.


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