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Application Information

Application Name: EXHEALE

Emory Application Owner: Weihua Zhang (WZHANG3)

Emory Application Technical Contact: Weihua Zhang

Application Support Model: Emory app owner

Application Administration Model: 

Application Description:  


The first breathing exercise app of its kind for patients with COPD and Asthma. This app coaches users to practice a phonetic breathing exercise that promotes deep breathing and well-being.

Full description:

Progressively hyperextended alveoli leading to the destruction of lung parenchyma is the basic pathophysiology for development of emphysema and COPD. Increase the length of exhale deeper and slower and make it as smooth as possible are fundamental to ensure the alveoli not going overextend or to collapse or collapse with positive end expiration pressure being maintained at 0cm H2O pressure which is equal to the atmosphere pressure. The common obstacles are related to inconsistency on the instructions on how to be able to breathe effectively. Exheale coaching program strategically selects words that promote longer exhalation with loose lip closure. For example, the word "woof" is used in one of the exercises. The instructions ask the participants to pay close attention to the inhale to exhale timer. Inhale with open mouth while silently saying "woo" in one to two second. Then, exhale with lips loosely closed while making the second part of the word "f" as long as you can. The emphasis is on the resistive phonation during the exhalation and prolongation of the exhalation as the exercise progressively getting harder.

Application Marketplace ID/Link:

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Request received




2020-01-20 App development stopped and likely to restart with new developers

Current Issues

This app no longer has a developer to make the changes required by the initial review. App owner is attempting to find or hire someone to continue this work as of Nov 2019.

3rd party developer identified to work on this app, but significant work may be needed. This will not be a small effort and the app will likely be re-created with new tools. The review process has been put on hold and a new review will have to begin from scratch when development completes. 2020.01.27

Issue Log

Reapproval Conditions

Review Status: pending

Internal Distribution Request DateOffice of Technology Transfer SignoffLegal Counsel ReviewMarketing & Communications ReviewCompliance & Regulatory ReviewIT Security Review
Builds received. App distributed to review teams 2019-08-19


Upload collateral as it is collected.

Approval Artifacts

Approval artifacts can be found here:

  1. Completed IP Disclosure.
  2. Commercial Evaluation Report.
  3. Legal Counsel Review.
  4. Marketing and Communications Review.
  5. Compliance and Regulatory Review.
  6. IT Security Review.
  7. Architecture Review.
  8. App Store Submission Templates: Apple App Store and Google Play.
  9. Distribution Review Checklist.

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