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Application Information

Application Name: Know@Home

Emory Application Owner: Ruth Dana (RDANA)

Emory Application Technical Contact: 

Application Support Model: Emory app owner

Application Administration Model: 

Application Description:  


The iSTAMP study is adapting a previously used app, M-Cubed, from the Mobile Messaging for Men intervention study (IRB 8140000221). This app contains minor content changes and a new locator API.

The Know@Home app delivers sexual health information. Study staff will use the app for training and testing purposes, and the app will be distributed to human subjects in the research study iSTAMP (IRB IRB00099710) as part of the intervention for this study. The mobile app is currently under development and final iOS and android versions should be available in the near future.

Full description:

The Know@Home application is designed to deliver sexual health information to research participants enrolled in the iSTAMP study (IRB IRB00099710). The app includes information on prevention and treatment services for HIV & other STIs, a locator which will API to The CDC National Prevention Information Network (NPIN) database, and other features listed below. Absolutely no messaging content or content referring to sensitive topics will be exposed without directly entering the app. To register for the app, a unique code will be sent to participants and they will use that to register after downloading the app from the app store. During registration, creation of a password is required and will be required every time a user logs in. There is a time-out feature which will automatically log out after 15 minutes of inactivity. The app does not collect personally identifiable information and is linked to study participants by an ID number.

The app will periodically prompt the user to view a message or series of messages. Any notifications directed to a phone's lock screen can be partially viewed by unauthorized users of the phone. To ensure that app notifications protect the privacy and discretion of participants, all app and text notifications will be stated generally, with no reference to the content of the message, the nature of the message, the content of the app in general, the name of the study, or any reference to HIV, STI or MSM. The lock screen banner notification will indicate only that the notification is for the HealthMindr app. The HealthMindr application will also offer free condoms, lube, and a HIV and STI testing kits. These products can be ordered through the mobile app which is linked to a secure and HIPAA compliant SurveyGizmo webpage.

Desired publication date: 2020.01.03

Platform: iOS, Android

Application Marketplace ID/Link:

Google Play:

ServiceNow RequestDistribution Status & DateInternal Review Status & DateePHITarget User Base

Request received


Final Emory review approval



Current Issues

Issue Log

App needs to be published for a study be 1/15, though Branding review has not completed. An exception has been made and the app can be published while this last review is pending.

Reapproval Conditions

Review Status: pending

Internal Distribution Request DateOffice of Technology Transfer SignoffLegal Counsel ReviewMarketing & Communications ReviewCompliance & Regulatory ReviewIT Security Review

Review started


Approved - John Nicosia



John Mils


Approved - John Lawley


Approved - Elliot Kendall



Upload collateral as it is collected.

Approval Artifacts

Approval artifacts can be found here:

  1. Completed IP Disclosure.
  2. Commercial Evaluation Report.
  3. Legal Counsel Review.
  4. Marketing and Communications Review.
  5. Compliance and Regulatory Review.
  6. IT Security Review.
  7. Architecture Review.
  8. App Store Submission Templates: Apple App Store and Google Play.
  9. Distribution Review Checklist.

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