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Application Information

Application Name: The Brain at Work Experiment 

Emory Application Owner: Michael Treadway (MTTREAD)

Emory Application Technical Contact: Chelsea Leonard (CVLEONA)

Application Support Model: 

Application Administration Model:

Application Description: This mobile application, currently available for iOS devices only, will be used in IRB-approved research projects by Dr. Michael Treadway and his collaborators. The mobile app will be downloaded on a study participant's device after study consent is completed. After an in-person study visit, participants will be asked to continue assessments in their daily life using the mobile application. These assessments will include short questionnaires and behavioral tasks. No PHI is collected through the mobile app. For all data collected, the app communicates with the server that contains the data through an encrypted channel. This connection is secured using an SSL certificate. At the time the mobile app is downloaded on to a study participant's device, that person will be given a unique ID and password to log in to the app to complete daily assessments. 

Application Marketplace ID/Link:

ServiceNow RequestDistribution Status & DateInternal Review Status & DateePHITarget User Base

Emory App Catalog (iOS) 2017.02.23

Apple App Store 2018.07.05

approved for public distribution 2017.05.04; awaiting app store submission template / Apple reviewnostudy participants


Current Issues

Issue Log


Reapproval Conditions


Internal Review Status: complete

Internal Distribution Request DateOffice of Technology Transfer SignoffLegal Counsel ReviewMarketing & Communications ReviewCompliance & Regulatory ReviewIT Security Review
2017.02.01complete (per Justin Burns 2017.04.17)n/acomplete (per Stanis Kodman and Peta Westmaas 2017.04.27)complete (per David Giannantonio 2017.03.22)complete (per Elliot Kendall 2017.05.04)


Upload collateral as it is collected.

Approval Artifacts

Approval artifacts may be found here  

  1. Completed IP Disclosure.
  2. Commercial Evaluation Report.
  3. Legal Counsel Review.
  4. Marketing and Communications Review.
  5. Compliance and Regulatory Review.
  6. IT Security Review.
  7. Architecture Review.
  8. App Store Submission Templates: Apple App Store.
  9. Distribution Review Checklist.


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