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Total Services Tracked (50)

This is the total number of services presently tracked by the Emory SOA Governance Process and includes both internal-facing and public-facing services Emory publishes as well as vendor-provided services and events that Emory consumes. For requests to access existing services see the service access request dashboard.

In Concept, Cost Estimation, Design, Development, or Enhancement (7)

Note: Not all services in design, cost estimation, and development are known by Emory IT. Some services only come to the attention of central IT as part of the review process.

Under Review for External Access (0)

None at this time

External-facing Services - Reviewed and Approved (0)

Note: All external-facing Emory services are also internally-facing at various points in their lifecycle. These listing of external-facing and internal-facing services are not distinct, but they may be listed in both categories if the service has both approved external and approved internal clients.

None at this time

Under Review for Internal Access (0)

None at this time

Internal-facing Services - Reviewed and Approved (0)

None at this time

Vendor-provided Services Under Review for Consumption by Emory (0)

None at this time

Vendor-provided Services - Reviewed and Approved (0)

None at this time

Unreviewed, Unapproved Services (43)

These services have been found in deployments and may have obtained approvals through other processes besides Emory SOA Governance, which need to be catalogued and reviewed by the SOA Governance Team. Many of these services pre-date Emory's 2017 SOA Governance policies and practices.

  1. Logging Service
  2. Routing Service
  3. Security and Information Event Management Connector
  4. HIPAA Audit Logging Service
  5. HIPAA Auditing Proxy
  6. Salesforce Service
  7. Blackboard Mobile Service
  8. HL7 Message Receiver Service
  9. Message Dump Service
  10. AMP Up
  11. Amcom Service
  12. ServiceNow Gateway 2.0
  13. Blackboard Connector 2.0
  14. Emory Commons Connector
  15. Identity Service 2.0
  16. RAVE Connector
  17. PeopleSoft Service FS (Finance)
  18. PeopleSoft Opus Service (Student)
  19. Symplicity Connector
  20. ACE Connector 3.0
  21. iModules Connector
  22. IDM Event Aggregator Connector
  23. Org Sync Service
  24. Center for Health Discovery Portal Service
  25. eCOI Database Connector
  26. Emory Shared Data Connector
  27. Canvas Connector
  28. eBirt Connector
  29. Master Patient Participant Identity (MPPI) Service
  30. Authorization Service
  31. Research CRM Connector
  32. Subject Registry Connector
  33. FullPerson Request Proxy Service
  34. Redcap Connector
  35. WebEase Service
  36. LIMS Connector
  37. MySoft Connector
  38. Directory Service
  39. RDBMS Connector - PeopleSoft Financial System
  40. Amcom ESD Connector
  41. MTP Service
  42. Data Warehouse Connector
  43. SciQuest Connector

Retired Services (0)

None since the inception of SOA governance processes


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