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The group made some good progress in outlining the needs for the business plan. Two distinct artifact needs were outlined and assignments were made below for each assignee to take a shot at organizing the sections below which will ultimately become the EdUnify Business Plan Document.  If those assigned could forward their slides and or sections to me by COB next Monday March 8, I can compile them and distribute for review for our next meeting on Tuesday March 9.  The articacts artifacts include:

1.  Presentation of the business case to stakeholders - deck - 10 slides max - Jeff Alderson will take a shot at draft slides for next week


  1. Executive Summary - refer to Dave's document and summarize here - Ed Hauser
  2. Industry issues- refer to Dave's document and summarize here   Ed Hauser
    • interoperability
    • transparency of data
    • Ability to logistically look at what is going on in the industry - global perspective
      • help students understand and measure progress
    • Business Problem??
    • we have a product that meets this need and satisfies x needs -
      • how does EdUnify help with transparency and interoperability - mapping of data?
      • common data standards across boundries boundaries - e.g. state, country
      • aggregation of data
  3. Business Requirements - Jon O'Bergh
    • outline or summarize what is in the wiki
  4. Architecture Summary - Jim Wager
    • describe the technology and architecture - diagram??? Steve's team?
  5. Financial Models - revenue and expense combined - 5 year P & L - Dave Moldoff
    1. Funding - tailor business case for the funding method??
      • scaled back vision of what this could be for short term??
      • need specific impactful way that leverages what we need??
      • exploritory exploratory venture concept? given current economic climate
      • goals - early fast funding and get to scale as quickly as possible
      • govt money as opposed to memberhip membership funding
      • seed funding vs sustainability funding
      • Sustainability of a Federated EdUnify?
      • Expense Model - Resources needed
        • staffing
        • hardware
        • support for the communities
        • Resource Requirements for Startup/Proof of Concept, Hosting/Virtualization
        • Staffing Plan by Phase
      • Revenue Model
        • Fees and Rationale -Registration Services - Query Services - Agent Services
  6. Qualifications for Participating - Jason Elwood  (assigned by the group - let Ed Hauser know if unable to do)
    1. Service level agreement
    2. Terms of use
  7. Marketing- Leslie Kaufman (assigned by the group - let Ed Hauser know if unable to do)#* Operational Requirements, what would we need to launch 
    • Adoption, Marketing, Alignment of Self Interests 
    • Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Proprietary implications 
  8. Summary and Call to action
  9. Appendix