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Application Information

Application Name: SMART

Application Owner: Brandi L. Williams (transitioned from Candace Meadows [CJONE17])

Application Technical Contact: Brandi L. Williams (transitioned from Candace Meadows [CJONE17])

Application Support Model: Emory app owner

Application Administration Model: Emory app owner

Application DescriptionThe SMART Participant Mobile App is designed to keep research study participants engaged with the study by understanding expectations and timing of study visits and activities, the ability to self-schedule visits, sending and receiving of secure messaging, updating contact information and preferences, and uploading photos to study staff for verification. The app is customizable to the study design and can include a logo and introductory language specific to the study. The app will be available free of charge on both iOS and Android platforms and the messaging will be through text via a messaging center within the app.

Application Marketplace ID/Link:

ServiceNow RequestDistribution Status & DateInternal Review Status & DateePHI IndicatorTarget User Base


limited internal distribution (Emory App Catalog for iOS & Android) in progress (2018.05.02) yespublic 


Current Issues

Issue Log


Reapproval Conditions


Internal Review Status:

Review Request DateOffice of Technology Transfer ReviewLegal Counsel Review (if applicable)Marketing & Communications ReviewCompliance & Regulatory ReviewHIPAA Review (LITS Security)IT Security Review
 2018.01.26approved (per Sean Kim 2018.03.15) BAA may need to be completed with vendor Softura/ Microsoft Azure/Emory Approved (per Peta Westmaas, 2018.07.10) approved (per Kris West 2018.02.27)pending but approved for distribution in the interim (per Mike Chilcott 2018.05.16)approved (per Elliot Kendall 2018.02.20)


Upload collateral as it is collected.

Approval Artifacts

Approval artifacts and relevant documentation may be found here:

  1. Completed IP Disclosure.
  2. Commercial Evaluation Report.
  3. Legal Counsel Review.
  4. Marketing and Communications Review.
  5. Compliance and Regulatory Review.
  6. IT Security Review.
  7. Architecture Review.
  8. App Store Submission Templates (Apple App Store & Google Play).
  9. Distribution Review Checklist.