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  • commandHere (open a terminal from the current folder) for Mac 
  • open terminal slow?  see or just delete log files will speed it up by 'sudo rm /private/var/log/asl/*.asl'
  • tortoisesvn for mac  (to resolve certificate issues: at commandline, '/usr/local/bin/svn list ...'->'(R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently? p'.  If still has issues, check the certificate file and make sure it is writable by the user)
  • tortoisesvn: we can still use tortoisesvn by "sharing folders" between window and mac (for 1.6.12 version, need to check network drive to show overlayIcon.  tortoisesnv 1.7 is Not compatible with 1.6)
  • how to switch off "mac OS-X automatic update" see
  • delete a file in finder:  select the file and cmd+delete
  • when open terminal is slow, delete log files will speed it up by 'sudo rm /private/var/log/asl/*.asl'
  • subversion 1.7 client is good. See how to install at How to Install Subversion 1.7 client and Subclipse for Mac
  • too slow because of too hot: new OS version has a kernel process to slow you down when your computer get too hot.  Solution: run an outside fan or use fewer or smaller monitors.

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