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SmartKey Message Object

Versions used: 1.0

The Chart of Accounts at Emory is made up of a set of independent business components which together provide the information necessary to create and identify financial transactions.  These independent business values are called chartfields in the PeopleSoft financial system that is in use at Emory. To simplify financial transactions, these components can also be broken down into two independent parts - the SmartKey and the Account. The Account is called the AccountCategory in the integration framework.

The Emory SmartKey is an index into the set of all chartfields except for the account.  The SmartKey provides a way to organize and manage the Emory Chart of Accounts by assigning one 10 digit number to a set of chartfields.  These numbers, the SmartKey, are organized in such a way that they can be assigned in groups to the various University cost centers.

The SmartKey contains the SetId, SmartKeyValue, Description, BusinessUnit, OperatingUnit, DepartmentId, FundCode, ClassField, ProgramCode, Chartfield1, BusinessUnitPC, ProjectId, ActivityId, date and status information.  The Emory PeopleSoft Financial system (Project Compass) is the authority for the SmartKey information.

SmartKey 1.0

Enterprise Objects document(s):

Request/Reply messages:

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Synchronization messages:

  1. SmartKey.Create-Sync (Sample | Definition)
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